Wednesday, August 31, 2011

First Day Pre-K & Dandelion Wishes

Bubby started Pre-K this week, and WOW was he excited on his first day!!

Although he is still attending the same school that he's been in since June 2010 (for daycare), the switch to Pre-K has taken some adjusting from all of us. Class starts and ends at 7:45 and 2:15, respectively. My work schedule/demands changed drastically over the summer (I'll blog about that some other time), and that means I am able to be with him both before and after school.

So, in the morning we are rushing out the door about 40 minutes earlier than when he was in Pre-School. I was worried about having to wake him up 40 minutes earlier as well, but thankfully he's gotten up on his own each morning at 6:30, making both of our lives much easier!

He's getting home much earlier in the afternoon which is great, but yikers is he Mr. Grumpy Pants for about the first 45 minutes or so that we're here. I know his little body and mind are both adjusting to all of the changes, but he's doing great despite being a tad...moody!

Poor boy was just miserable when we got home today and I was trying everything in my bag of tricks to help him feel better but nothing was working. So, I suggested we go outside and play Dino Ball - a game he & I made up awhile back where we each pretend to be different dinosaurs and kick the ball around or play keep away. He LOVED this idea and my happy little boy was back!!

While we were outside, he found his first dandelion and asked me why "the cottonball was growing on a flower stem." I told him that we should pick the dandelions and make wishes, which he was excited to do!!

(Let me back up for a second and say that Norm & I actually tried to introduce him to dandelions in Russia but on that attempt, he inhaled the whole dandelion and was none too impressed!! For some reason ever since he has had an aversion to them!?!?)

I digress...

So today we both picked our dandelions, and he watched me intently as I made a wish and blew the dandelion into the wind. When it was his turn, he squeezed his little eyes closed soooooo tight, had a death grip on the stem, and then blew so hard there was spittle flying everywhere! Very cute.

He asked me what my wish was, and I told him I wished we had a great game of dino ball. Then he said, "Well, mommy, MY wish was that I could be with you forever and always!" lame was my wish?!?! :-)

I wish the same little man...I definitely wish the same!!


  1. I totally understand the aversion. I think our daughter might have the same issue when we get her home next month. While visiting her in June, for trip one, we were playing outside and had taken a break to feed her some Gerber snacks. She would not have anything to do with them the day before. Well, shortly after the snack we were trying to get her to blow on the dandelion and she put the whole thing in her mouth. I wish we had been video taping but...

  2. LOL! We showed Selah dandelions in Russia too! There were quite a few around her baby home grounds and we have a few pictrues of blowing them while she reached for the flying pieces.
    Love his "wish!"