Thursday, August 18, 2011

D.I.Y - The Best Room EVER! Part II

Oopsie..."Tomorrow" came and went pretty quickly!! Hehehe

Just after my last post where I revealed Bubby's new bedroom, Bailey Girl decided to give us a pretty good scare health-wise. So, my focus has been on her AND the ridiculous number of road trips we have taken lately.

Thankfully Bay refuses to let her health concerns get her fun-loving spirit down, and our family survived numerous 10hr trips to Virginia, North Carolina and Florida since July.

I finally have a few minutes to share the rest of our nearly-whole-house makeover!! Don't judge me for the mess in the background of some of these pictures...some rooms are still a work in progress...

Bubby's old bedroom became the new guest room - -
complete with a puppy dog border - -
Hey, at least the border and comforter/pillows are color coordinated!

My old office / guest bedroom became Bubby's new playroom

Our old dining room - - which got soooooooo much use (not) - -
is now a living or sitting room which I find VERY cozy

I'm not sure what this room used to be because we never used it
but it's now my home office and I love it!

All of the rooms in our house now have a function and I love the new arrangement! I still have some organization to get through but all in all, it's coming along nicely. For the first time in a long time, our house feels like home to me!

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