Tuesday, July 26, 2011

D.I.Y - The Best Room EVER!

We love home renovation shows such as Renovation Re@lities. Love them.

In fact, we are PROS at kicking back with a bowl of popcorn (for the hubs) and a bowl of ice cream (for me) and laughing watching as a few poor souls tackle a DIY project that, frankly, they have no bizness considering.

Sooooo, when I had the grand idea to re-do Bubby's room with bunk beds, this is the expression I got from Bailey Girl:

So long as it didn't interfere with her 23 hr/day nap schedule, or my duties of handing out milk bones for the 1 hr she isn't cat napping, she was good with whatev.

We quickly realized that one of the wall angles in Bubby's room wouldn't accommodate the bunks we picked out. Thankfully this came to light BEFORE ordering the bunks!! hehehe

So, we decided to swap one of our guest rooms with Bubby's room and as the furniture swapping took place, my office (which also served as our 2nd guest room) quickly disappeared:

The guest room we decided to make Bubby's new bedroom had a LOVELY (not!!) and huge princess and unicorn border. The hubs wasted no time saying Hasta La Vista to the good Princess and her sidekick...and after the fun of taking that border down, I absolutely detest anything to do with wallpaper or paste...

I also realized that this bad boy....

...hurts VERY BADLY when you step on it without shoes. Sitting on it doesn't feel so well either. Just an FYI for your next DIY!

With the princess now evicted, we decided to do Bubby's room in an ocean theme instead. He was THRILLED to be able to help his daddy paint one of the walls.

Considering all that could go wrong with handing over a paint brush to a 4 year old, we came out relatively unscathed!

With the room finally painted, we eagerly awaited the big day...
Friday, July 22 - the bunk beds are delivered!! Despite having a window of 1-5pm, they actually didn't make it to the house until 7pm. Here's Bubby waiting patiently for the delivery men to come.
And then - - they're here!!!
Bubby sat in the hallway outside his room supervising as his beds were assembled. But as a cruel twist, Bubby wasn't allowed to sleep in them that night. We hadn't quite finished his room yet and wanted all of it to be a surprise, so he had to wait until Saturday for the big reveal.

His expression here is priceless as he notices all the sharks for the first time! He was shouting "This is the best room E.V.E.R!!"

I love this wall with all the sharks, fish, and sting rays. Bubby had no idea we were going to do this and he was fascinated!!

We opted for bunks with steps instead of a ladder. Each step has a drawer for storage, plus there is a bureau on the opposite side so no need for a chest of drawers or dresser in his room.

Notice all the stuffed animals on that top bunk? ALL OF THEM were on Bubby's old bed. Each and every one. There was barely room for him to sleep, so we had no choice but to get the bunks! :-)
This is only part I of the DIY project though! We didn't stop at just bunks...it was a trickle effect. Setting up Bubby's new room caused change in every other room in our house except for our master bedroom and our kitchen. Literally every thing else changed. Who knew getting bunks for your son would result in a whole house make over?

Certainly not the hubs, TRUST ME!! (yeah, I suckered him good this time!)

Tune in tomorrow for Part Deux!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

RV There Yet? 4th of July Florida Style

Our view from here - beautiful!
More to follow...