Monday, June 20, 2011

Bubby-isms (quotes from our 4 year old)

Bubby: "Daddy, please fix my Handy Manny motorcycle.
Here’s Handy Manny, here’s his motorcycle and
here’s the screwdriver. But I don’t know the name
of the screwdriver."

Daddy: "um, Phillip"*

Bubby: "To fill up with gas?"

*(as in Phillip's screwdriver)


Bubby: "Mommy, can we please go to church this Sunday?"

Mommy: "Sure, what church do you want to go to?"**

Bubby: "Ummmm the one with God in it!"

**(we were searching for a church home at the time but have decided to return to NMC)


Bubby: "Mommy, can I pee on the grass?"

Mommy: "What?? NO! Why would you ask that?"

Bubby: "Bailey's allowed to!!"***

***Bailey is our Lab


Everytime I come home from getting a pedicure...

Bubby: "Mommy, did you buy new toes today??!! They're beautiful!!"


While reading his Bible, he cam across this picture

Bubby: "Mommy, why is Baby Jesus in that nest?"

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