Sunday, January 22, 2012

Future Spokesman?

I posted this on Facebook but for those of you who haven't seen it, here's a recap of Bubby's conversation with the people behind us at dinner last night. They had infant twins

B - Your babies are VERY cute

People - Thank you! You're very cute also!

B - Can I adopt them?

People - Um, what?

B - Can I adopt them? Because I am adopted and families by adoption are VERY special.
People - That is very sweet and you're right, it's very special.

B - Did you know there are 147, um, illion boys and girls who need mommies & daddies? Is "illion" a number?

People - No, we didn't know that. And no, illion isn't a number but maybe you mean million?

B - Yep and that sounds like a really big number. Right? So that's why I'm going to adopt a baby also when I'm bigger. Like when I'm 10 so that will be 1 less boy or girl who needs a family!



  1. Ok. It's been awhile since I've connected to here. Still have your old blog listed on mine and forget to check this one. I love the last 2 conversations with Ilya. So precious.

  2. Hi Karyn: I just wanted you to know that I stopped by and now have you as one of my "favorites" -- so watch out!

    Can not wait until we meet on Mickey's Boat --- only 16 months from now and we'll be hanging out together!!!

    ~Laura :)