Thursday, October 27, 2011

Life is Beautiful

Hello friends! Long time no…write?? Is that what one says in a situation such as this? Hmmm...

I should also say sorry and THANK YOU to those of you who, according to my Site Meter stats, are still checking in despite my nearly 2 month hiatus. Yeah, I checked this morning and was surprised that somewhere out in cyber space people were still stopping by, waiting to see what (if anything) had been updated here.

I have had so many opportunities to write something inspirational, funny, heart felt, or perhaps even boring to some. I am actually very disappointed that I haven’t taken advantage of those memories and shared them with you or placed them in writing for our family.

That, friends, is going to change….

Not only is the Fall season bringing us beautiful changes with colorful leaves, cooler temperatures and shorter days, but life – our life – is bringing beautiful changes as well.

(Before I go any further, no I am not pregnant and no we are not in the adoption process again!!)

But still, at a time when we are very uncertain about certain things, life is beautiful.

At a time when we are giving up a few “luxuries” and focusing on “necessities”, life is beautiful.

As we begin our 17th year as best friends / 16th year of marriage (this past August), life is beautiful.

As we celebrate each day the way God formed our family, life is beautiful.

As we strive to be the Christians we once were and desire to be again, life is beautiful.

As we follow our hearts and what we believe is God’s will, LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL!!

Until the next post, I hope that no matter what season of life you are in, you too will recognize the beauty that surrounds you!

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  1. Life is beautiful... you are so right! You know what else is beautiful? Living in the south and not getting that white stuff that Virginia and the rest of the Northern world is getting! :-)